Fr. Calloway’s New Book Finally Here

FrCallowayFr. Don Calloway sent me a message the other day that his new book — Under the Mantle: Marian Thoughts from a 21st Century Priest — is finally out. I got a great foretaste of how great this book is going to be when, back in October, I attended a vocation retreat with Fr. Calloway in Stuebenville, OH; his talks and mediations about the priesthood, about masculinity, about the Queen of Heaven and feminine beauty, were enough to light your soul on fire. This is — in my opinion — a very anointed priest, touched by the flame of the Holy Spirit in a fervent and powerful way with an urgent message for the world and the Church.

I look forward to getting a copy of the book soon. Please check it out! Also, consider the awesome cover image and notice how Fr. Don possesses that rare (but most important) gift of evangelization. Young people especially need to see what the cover represents: that a priest is not a boring, uninspired man, but a cool and interesting guy comfortable in his identity as a man and as a soul consecrated to the Lord. Fr. Don has done great things for Our Lord and Our Lady throughout his priestly vocation. Let us keep him and his work in our prayers.

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