Surviving a Serial Rapist & Murderer, a Gang-Related Shooting: Rosario Rodriguez’s Story of Forgiveness and Healing

, contributer at, sent me his great article about the story of Rosario Rodriguez, an incredible young woman who miraculously survived the attack of a serial rapist and murderer at an early age, and a gang-related crime in Los Angeles, forgiving the person who shot her in the chest. Looking at her perpetrator at a court hearing, Rosario not only forgave but also explained that she prays that the love, mercy, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ will become known to her perpetrator.

Please check out this great video of Rosario telling her story. Today she is a popular speaker who shares her testimony of healing in faith with audiences throughout the world.

Also, please check out Rosario’s Web site and her blog.

There is much to appreciate and love about Rosario’s courageous journey to healing. One essential lesson — among many — to take away is seen in how by accepting forgiveness in her heart, the process — so transformative and therapeutic — was able to free Rosario from carrying anger, depression, and constant bitterness in her soul.

Of course, with deep-seated wounds, such feelings do not always leave automatically, but their demise (no matter how gradual) is met on the path of forgiving, an essential step to receiving the Lord’s healing and blessing. This does not dismiss, nor ignore, the gravity of the crime and sin committed, the evil that was perpetrated. True forgiveness looks evil in the face and says, “You have not won. You have not conquered me. I will not succumb to your standards, to your ways. I am free in Christ, and in His Holy Name, I forgive. I let go.”

May the Lord’s peace and abundant blessings be with you, dear friends.

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