Blessed be Pope Francis!!!

“What we are before God, that we are and nothing else.” — Francis of Assisi

Blessed be Pope Francis and his Apostolic Ministry!!!


What a joy it was to see such a holy man elected as Pope, following the evident display of sanctity that is so clear in Benedict XVI’s life. The facts are fascinating regarding Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis:

– the first Jesuit in history to be elected and the first from the Americas

– a man of great intellectual rigour yet balanced properly with a humble and prayerful life of holiness and interior depth

– someone who, as archbishop, refused to live in the archbishop’s palace (choosing a small apartment) and who refused to be driven around in a limousine (choosing to use public transportation and be one with the people)

– someone who respects Church teaching and orthodoxy on issues like abortion, gay marriage, the sanctity of human life in all forms, and — like Christ the Lord — is not afraid to be a “sign of contradiction”

– someone with a deep devotion to Our Lady and the Holy Eucharist

– someone who was “very happy” to hear that one of his bishops visited Medjugorje

– someone who chose the beloved name of Francis — oh, Francis of Assisi!!! Do saints get any dearer, the “sublime fool,” a holy man of God who, through his conversion and the fire of the Holy Spirit, was able to set the world aflame for Christ. His love for the poor and for the Crucified Jesus, as suffering Servant, were beyond remarkable.

Let us pray, dear friends, for Pope Francis as he embarks on his Apostolic Ministry and leads the Church of Jesus Christ, as His chosen Vicar, into the future. Peace & abundant blessings!

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