Live Stream Tomorrow of Our Lady’s Apparition to Mirjana (also, Pope Francis & Medjugorje)


Happy Sunday!

Please click here to join MaryTV tomorrow for a live stream of Our Lady’s annual apparition in Medjugorje to visionary Mirjana Soldo. The streaming begins at 8:30 am EDT, and the apparition will take place around 8:45 am EDT here in the States (this will be 1:30 pm and 1:45 pm in Medjugorje time).

March 18th is Mirjana’s birthday, when Our Lady promised to come back to the MirjanaPrayer_cropvisionary each year after her daily apparitions ended. A few years ago, when I first visited Medjugorje, a cousin of one of the visionaries told me that March 18 will also be an important date in relation to the Medjugorje secrets, and therefore when Our Lady returns to Mirjana on the day, the two discuss these monumental matters among themselves. Please tune in for this prayerful event!

Also, I wanted to share this great post from Bernard Gallagher’s Crown of Stars blog, an interview with Sister Emmanuel Maillard of Medjugorje that speaks beautifully about Pope Francis and his connections to Medjugorje.

Friends, may God bless you and Our Lady always watch over you!!

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