Our Lady’s March 18th Message – Powerful!

Blessed be the Name of Jesus forever and ever!!!

Friends, please see Our Lady’s message below, delivered earlier today to Mirjana in Medjugorje on her birthday. Very powerful!

“Dear children! I call you to, with complete trust and joy, bless the name of the LordOurLadyofMedjugorje3 and, day by day, to give Him thanks from the heart for His great love. My Son, through that love which He showed by the Cross, gave you the possibility to be forgiven for everything; so that you do not have to be ashamed or to hide, and out of fear not to open the door of your heart to my Son. To the contrary, my children, reconcile with the Heavenly Father so that you may be able to mirjanacome to love yourselves as my Son loves you. When you come to love yourselves, you will also love others; in them you will see my Son and recognize the greatness of His love. Live in faith! Through me, my Son is preparing you for the works which He desires to do through you – works through which He desires to be glorified. Give Him thanks. Especially thank Him for the shepherds – for your intercessors in the reconciliation with the Heavenly Father. I am thanking you, my children. Thank you.”

One thought on “Our Lady’s March 18th Message – Powerful!

  1. Mama thank you so much for being my spiritual mother, I know I am weak but this is not a hindrance to love you more ,be at my side always so that I my fear will not over power me. I love you so much Mama Mary.

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