Our Lady’s April 25, 2013 Message: “keep praying until your heart opens…”

Friends, my apologies for getting this out a few days late. Here is Our Lady’s monthly OurLadyofMedjugorje3message from Medjugorje – peace & abundant blessings!

“Dear children! Pray, pray, keep praying until your heart opens in faith as a flower opens to the warm rays of the sun. This is a time of grace which God gives you through my presence but you are far from my heart, therefore, I call you to personal conversion and to family prayer. May Sacred Scripture always be an incentive for you. I bless you all with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Medjugorje Film & Discussion in DC

Friends, if you are nearby the DC area, please come out this Thursday to a film screening and discussion of Queen of Peace, the powerful Medjugorje documentary produced and directed by Christina Georgotas. Christina and I will introduce the film and host a Q & A session after the movie, followed by a reception, all at the Catholic University of America. The event is open to the public. Please spread the word!



                   with CHRISTINA GEORGOTAS & DANIEL KLIMEK                    

                  Thursday, April 25, 2013                       

Aquinas Hall, Auditorium (Room 102), 7:30 PM

The Catholic University of America



“…Even if your Sins were as Black as Night…”

I’m about to go to confession and then Mass at the National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. What a sacred feast day it is — Divine Mercy Sunday —based on Saint Faustina’s revelations of the Lord in Poland; a devotion so strongly supported and encouraged by Pope John Paul II, who fought for the rehabilitation of Faustina’s reputation when her Diary and mystical experiences were met with opposition.

The Lord invited us on this day to go to confession, allow Him to cleanse our souls, to purify and free us. His abundant mercy is overflowing this day, friends. Please take advantage of this opportunity: no matter how great your sin may be, no matter how dark, the Lord is a Friend to all repentant hearts. Come to Him. Be not afraid. Lay your sorrows at the foot of the Cross. He wishes to cleanse you and heal you, to set you free. Allow Him. Allow Him to work wonders in you.


Our Lady’s April 2, 2013 Message: Powerful Words

Beloved Friends, consider the gravity of these words from Our Lady’s message today:

My children, be my apostles who have not lived in vain. Do not forget that you will come before the Heavenly Father and tell Him about yourself. Be ready!


Our Lady of Medjugorje“Dear children, I am calling you to be one with my Son in spirit. I am calling you, through prayer, and the Holy Mass when my Son unites Himself with you in a special way, to try to be like Him; that, like Him, you may always be ready to carry out God’s will and not seek the fulfillment of your own. Because, my children, it is according to God’s will that you are and that you exist, and without God’s will you are nothing. As a mother, I am asking you to speak about the glory of God with your life because, in that way, you will also glorify yourself in accordance to His will. Show humility and love for your neighbor to everyone. Through such humility and love, my Son saved you and opened the way for you to the Heavenly Father. I implore you to keep opening the way to the Heavenly Father for all those who have not come to know Him and have not opened their hearts to His love. By your life, open the way to all those who still wander in search of the truth. My children, be my apostles who have not lived in vain. Do not forget that you will come before the Heavenly Father and tell Him about yourself. Be ready! Again I am warning you, pray for those whom my Son called, whose hands He blessed and whom He gave as a gift to you. Pray, pray, pray for your shepherds. Thank you.”