Light of Love: Beautiful New Film on the Joy of Holiness

Here is a beautiful new film, which has been long awaited—a project that is part of the Imagine Sisters Movement—about the vibrant lives of a number of Catholic sisters from various religious orders throughout the country.

Currently, I am in religious life, living as a postulant with the Franciscan friars of the Third Order Regular, hoping to one day become a Franciscan priest. I’m happy to say that our sister order is featured in this documentary, starting at 25:00 minutes in, where Sister Carrie Ann McKeown, T.O.R., is featured prominently, speaking about the gift of a religious vocation and about the grace of giving one’s entire life to the Lord and His people.

Watching the various ministries portrayed in the movie gives a poignant witness to the joy of holiness and the unspeakable beauty of religious life. Please check out this much-anticipated work… and may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ remain with you, dear friends!