Russian Prince Saw Padre Pio Pray in Tongues



Prince Karl Klugkist (1871-1948) was an exiled Russian aristocrat during World War I who — like so many — had a life-transforming encounter with the Capuchin priest, mystic, and saint, Padre Pio. Among other things, Prince Karl saw something unique, something that has seldom been reported — he saw St. Pio praying in tongues, a supernatural charism that stems back to the original Apostles of Jesus. Prince Karl noted that the holy friar had the tendency of using the gift while absolving sins in the confessional.

StPio3The author C. Bernard Ruffin recorded the encounter in his masterful biography Padre Pio: The True Story. He reports how Prince Karl was going through a dangerous spiritual path before meeting Padro Pio, being involved in occultism and Eastern mysticism, hoping to seek out “this new guru” from San Giovanni Rotondo                                                                                             Prince Karl was rushed through a courtyard to a small door, through which he entered and saw Padre Pio confessing a man. Prince Karl studied Padre Pio’s face, finding himself “fascinated by the beauty of Pio’s face and his whole demeanor” during confession. Interestingly, at the end of the confession, Prince Karl noticed “a most curious phenomenon, which, as far as we know, is the only instance of Padre Pio’s speaking in tongues,” Ruffin writes. Prince Karl explained:

“Slowly, in guttural tones, he [Padre Pio] recited a rhythmic prayer, a mystical formula, in an Oriental language unknown to me. I remember the words which recurred continually: ‘Adai nanda’ and ‘nanda.’ This unusual and mysterious invocation aroused my curiosity and I regretted being unable to ask him for an explanation.”


StPioThe gift of tongues is known in Christianity as an angelic language, spoken in heaven, which transcends human understanding and lifts up our prayers to God through mysterious utterances. We see the gift prominently displayed by the first Apostles in the Acts of the Apostles, and also St. Paul wrote about the gift in his first letter to the Corinthians, explaining that the “one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to human beings but to God…he utters mysteries in spirit” (1. Cor. 14:2).

During his own confession with Padre Pio, Prince Karl was warned by the holy friar about the spiritual dangers that the prince was involved in with his fascination with occultism. Padre Pio, the prince recollected, “spoke to me of the danger of mirages created by Lucifer…”

Interestingly, as with the former penitent, St. Pio recited his “mysterious formula,” as heStPio2 was absolving Prince Karl of his sins, again speaking in the angelic language of tongues. Prince Karl wrote of St. Pio as the latter began to pray in tongues again:

“His mind seemed to have plunged into an abyss from which those mysterious words rose up. Then…his whole being became radiant with interior light, in which he seemed merged in some indefinable and immensely exalted presence which caused the formula of absolution to issue from the human lips of this humble Capuchin.”

At the conclusion of the encounter, Ruffin writes that as Prince Karl kissed Padre Pio’s hand he smelled the “strong perfume which emanated from the stigmata.” Leaving Padre Pio’s presence, Prince Karl concluded: “I found myself faced with the divine Ego. In [Padre Pio] alone I found no trace of the human ego…He has reached the goal of Union.”


St. Paul, who thanked God for the gift of speaking in tongues (1 Cor. 14:18)—possessing it himself—compartmentalized the spiritual gifts in order of importance, wishing that all Christians would speak in tongues, though he saw prophecy as an even greater gift. “Now I should like all of you to speak in tongues,” he wrote, “but even more to prophesy” (1 Cor. 14:5). Padre Pio, it is fascinating to discover, possessed both of these gifts, among various others that have been associated with the holy friar, most famously his stigmata, bilocation, and healing gifts.

Interestingly, in an excellent book called Christian Initiation and Baptism in the Holy Spirit , Catholic scholars Kilian McDonnell and George Montague—both men being priests—document how the gift of tongues, as well as other charisms of the Holy Spirit, were present for at least the first eight centuries of Catholic Church history, even after the original Apostles.

In recent decades, with the birth and global expansion of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal the Church has seen a stronger outpouring of such ancient gifts of the Holy Spirit among Her devotees, seeing a renewal of the charisms. Fr. Raneiro Cantalamessa, the papal preacher under Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and currently under Francis, has also written about the power of the gift of tongues.

The encounter with Padre Pio left no small mark on Prince Karl. Not only did the prince renounce his involvement with occultism and eastern mysticism, but he also became a priest, joining the Trinitarian Order in Rome, and subsequently earning a reputation as a holy man. He died in the Lord at the age of seventy-seven. As a priest,  he took the religious name Fra Pio.


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Our Lady’s Christmas Messages

Here are Our Lady’s messages, received yesterday, Christmas Day, in Medjugorje. The first message was given to Marija, the visionary who receives Our Lady’s monthly messages, and the second message was conveyed through Jakov who, since receiving his last daily apparition in 1998, was told that he would experience an apparition from Our Lady every Christmas.Queen-of-Heaven.jpg

December 25, 2013 Messages

“Dear children! I am carrying to you the King of Peace that He may give you His peace. You, little children, pray, pray, pray. The fruit of prayer will be seen on the faces of the people who have decided for God and His Kingdom. I, with my Son Jesus, bless you all with a blessing of peace. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

“Little children, today in a special way, Jesus desires to come to dwell in each of your hearts and to share with you your every joy and pain. Therefore, little children, today in a special way, peer into your hearts and ask yourselves if the peace and joy of the birth of Jesus have truly taken hold of your hearts. Little children, do not live in darkness, aspire towards the light and towards God’s salvation. Children, decide for Jesus and give Him your life and your hearts, because only in this way will the Most High be able to work in you and through you.”

Merry Christmas!!!

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

MarynChildA blessed Christmas to you and your families, dear friends. Let us praise and adore our beloved Lord, Jesus the Christ, and honor Mary most holy, dear Queen and Mother, for giving birth to the Savior of the world through her selfless fiat, her Yes, which changed history for all eternity, bringing us the light of hope.

“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” by Enya

My favorite Advent song, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” calling for the arrival of Christ the Messiah, preparing us for his holy birth—performed here with haunting beauty by Enya. Here’s a nice video of Enya talking about the song, reminiscing how she first sang it as a young girl in her choir and how it’s always been one of her favorites.

St. Faustina & Divine Mercy Come to Stage

St. Luke’s Production has released it’s newest theatrical drama called Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy. The play is touring around the country, starring actress Maria Vargo, bringing to audiences the beautiful message of Christ’s Divine Mercy as conveyed to the world through the mystical experiences of the Polish nun Maria Faustina Kowolska. Please check out this message from Maria Vargo, testifying to what an impact the play’s been having on audiences as the theatrical drama has hit the road:

Also, check out the official trailer of the show:

Marian priest Fr. Michael Gaitley has written a passionate recommendation of the show.

Please keep St. Luke’s Production in your prayers and, if possible, your benevolent donations, as they do wonderful work depicting the lives of saints on both stage and film, bringing so much to the work of God through art. In addition to St. Faustina, they’ve produced plays and films on St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. John Vianney, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. John of the Cross, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Augustine, and the life of Jesus as revealed in the Gospels of John and Luke.

What a gift St. Luke’s is to the new evangelization! May the Lord continue to bless their work and Our Lady protect it under her loving mantle. If you’d like to schedule St. Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy to come to your parish or community please visit this link.

To check whether a performance of the play is coming near you please visit this link.

Powerful Message from Our Lady

Dec 2, 2013 Message

(Notice the powerful emphasis on the Cross, embracing it, knowing the Father through it, in this message)

“Dear children, with a motherly love and a motherly patience I am looking at yourMedjOurLady ceaseless wandering and how lost you are. That is why I am with you. I desire to help you to first find and come to know yourself, so that, then, you would be able to recognize and to admit everything that does not permit you to get to know the love of the Heavenly Father, honestly and wholeheartedly. My children, the Father comes to be known through the cross. Therefore, do not reject the cross. Strive to comprehend and accept it with my help. When you will be able to accept the cross you will also understand the love of the Heavenly Father; you will walk with my Son and with me; you will differ from those who have not come to know the love of the Heavenly Father, those who listen to Him but do not understand Him, those who do not walk with Him – who have not come to know Him. I desire for you to come to know the truth of my Son and to be my apostles; that, as children of God, you may rise above the human way of thinking and always, and in everything, seek God’s way of thinking, anew. My children, pray and fast that you may be able to recognize all of this which I am seeking of you. Pray for your shepherds and long to come to know the love of your Heavenly Father, in union with them. Thank you.”