Beth Croft: “To Worship is to Change”

Here’s a video of British praise & worship leader Beth Croft speaking about the transforming and evangelizing nature of worship, as a sacred act that leads to both interior change and exterior transformation, when the love and power of God, the intimacy of our interior lives with Christ Jesus, are taken into the world; when we allow ourselves to be used for our purpose, as God’s living instruments; first with prayer, then with evangelization.


Beth explains well how one without the other does not work. It is worship that fills us up with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and allows the Word of God to speak through us; without it we are empty, defeating the purpose of giving. We cannot give what we do not have. On other hand, when our interior lives are strong, or growing, through worship, through the encounter with Christ, through an honest effort of forming intimacy with the Lord, then what comes through it — in encountering others — can change lives: bringing the Eternal into those lives.

My favorite version of the popular praise song “Set a Fire” is sung by Beth, who has a beautiful and anointed voice. Check out the song: