For Impossible Causes: Rita of Cascia

RitaMovieToday the Church celebrates the memorial of Rita of Cascia, an Italian saint, mystic, and stigmatic who played a crucial role in my life, as an intercessor, when as an adolescent I struggled with addiction and depression. St. Rita, who is known as the Saint of Impossible Causes, has been a powerful intercessor for centuries, countless have prayed for her assistance and have found hope in Christ.

Rita, “the Rose of Cascia,” they called her. She was a thirteenth century Italian who, married at an early age, put up with unbearable circumstances under an abusive husband. When she was widowed, this prayerful and devout woman decided to join a convent of Augustinian nuns.

It was during a mystical encounter, praying in the convent before an image of the crucified Christ with the words, “Please let me suffer like you, Divine Savior,” that Rita became a stigmatic, receiving a wound from the Crown of Thorns on her forehead. The immense pain of the wound would remain with her for the rest of her life. At her death, the odor from the wound turned into a beautiful scent of roses. Rita developed a reputation after death as being a holy woman whose intercession was responsible for numerous, widespread miracles.


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