New (Free) Online Video Series on the Holy Spirit

Fr. Dave Pivonka, T.O.R., one of our Franciscan friars and a popular author and retreatweb-the-goose-is-loose-fr-dave-pivonka leader, just came out with a new video series on the Holy Spirit that is available online. I am posting the first three episodes here below. Fr. Dave introduces audiences to developing a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit through such important subjects as the Baptism in the Spirit, the charisms (or gifts of the Spirit), the Spirit and the Eucharist, the Spirit and Our Lady, the Spirit and the gift of freedom, and many other topics. Receiving the Baptism in the Spirit has been a life-transforming experience for me, as it has been for countless others; yet this remains a grace that many Catholics are unfamiliar with. Episode three below gets into the details. Please have a view and spread the word! It is a powerful experience of God’s intimacy and grace.

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