Melissa Joan Hart Stars in “God’s Not Dead 2,” Talks about Faith & Prayer

We pray every night with the kids and at every meal. . . We go to church every Sunday. . . .I have a great life and I want to share that with people, and a lot of that, almost all of that, is my faith.” – Melissa Joan Hart

Actress Melissa Joan Hart, known for her roles in the popular TV series’ Clarissa Explains It All (1991-94), Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996-2003), and Melissa & Joey (2010-15), is the star of the new Christian film God’s Not Dead 2, the sequel to the popular God’s Not DeadIn the video interview below Hart, who is a devout Christian, speaks about feeling called to star in the new film. “I felt very called to do this movie, really excited about it, and prayed a lot over it.”

In an interview with Paulette Cohn, Hart spoke about the importance of the Christian faith Melissa_Joan_Hart_2011and prayer for her and her family: “We pray every night with the kids and at every meal. . . We go to church every Sunday, and Mason [Hart’s son] goes to Sunday school while my husband and I are in the actual service. He is learning and coloring. He thinks he is having fun, but at the same time he is learning about Jesus, religion and prayer. Braydon, too, will start that in a couple of months. Mason also goes to a Christian pre-school, which I think is wonderful and helpful. They say a prayer before snack every day and do chapel once a week. I think it is nice. It puts him around a group that has the same beliefs as his family.”

In God’s Not Dead 2 Hart plays a teacher who is persecuted for responding to a student’s question by mentioning and quoting Jesus from the New Testament. In a video interview Hart speaks to the deeper reality that the film tries to convey in relation to the persecution that many Christians receive today. “I think this is a very relevant movie for right now, what’s going on in this country, in the world: a lot of Christians being persecuted… a lot of sacrificing the many for the one, and not taking into consideration what this country was founded on.”

Hart continued: “I think there is a struggle right now with religion, and in public it’s not easy to talk about, but hopefully this opens up some conversation.” God’s Not Dead 2 is set to come out in theaters April 1, 2016.

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