Fr. Gabriele Amorth on Medjugorje


With the recent news of the passing of Fr. Gabriele Amorth (1925-2016), the most prominent exorcist in the Church, here is a video of Fr. Amorth on national TV speaking about Our Lady of Medjugorje, a topic he was not shy about. Fr. Amorth emphasizes that Satan’s biggest success has been constructing “a world culture without God, and the Madonna of Medjugorje has come specifically to bring back the world to God.” He stressed that Medjugorje is a place of great conversions and where people return to confession.

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  1. Dear Brother Daniel:

    Thanks for sharing these videos with us. I have been to Medjugorie two times and have witnessed the power of the Risen Lord Jesus working in the lives of many people there. Every time we pray for healing, Jesus heals and sometimes He cures. My prayers are with you as you follow a call from the Lord to ordination to priesthood. Say a prayer for me.

    Fr. Hugo

    • Thanks so much, Fr. Hugo. Appreciate your good words and prayers. Sending prayers your way. Thanks for sharing about your experience in Medjugorje, it is such a sacred place indeed. Many blessings to you!

  2. So why is there so much controversy about the Medujogore and the apparations. I want to believe it but have doubts though. God forgive me if i am doubtful. but i still trust our Mother’s message which always points to her Son, Jesus christ saving grace. May his Soul rest in peace in God’s bossom. amen.

    • Unfortunately most controversy exists because of Bishop Pavao Zanic’s (early) opposition to the apparitions. At first the bishop was a supporter but then he was threatened by Communist officials with imprisonment if he does not change his position on Medjugorje. Fr. Jozo Zovko, the pastor at the parish, refused to denounce the apparitions under Communist pressure and was arrested and tortured in the Yugoslav prison system. The bishop, on the other hand, changed his position instead of accepting arrest, becoming an opponent of the apparitions. However, it became clear to the Vatican that he wasn’t judging and studying Medjugorje objectively. So St. John Paul II told Cardinal Ratzinger to meet the bishop in Rome, chastise him, and take the jurisdiction of the apparitions away from him. The bishop was order to remain silent on Medjugorje by the Yugoslav Bishops Conference but continued, in disobedience, to voice his opposition. Since then an international Vatican Commission in 2010 under Pope Benedict has studied Medjugorje, and the Commission has finished it’s work. We are still waiting for a final announcement from the Commission. But ultimately it is the early (unfortunate) history with Bishop Zanic that has led to much of the controversy around Medjugorje in the Church.

    • I so understand your feelings. My sis wanted to go in ’96 so bad and wanted me to go. I thought “I don’t need this, I have plenty of faith”. Well, it really has nothing to do with faith. The most incredible, unforgettable (it’s been 20 yrs and I still remember like it was yesterday), amazing experiences are there you can’t find anywhere else. Medjugorje is alive, fresh, old, significant and yet full of quiet moments.
      Try it, no regrets :-)

  3. Ave Maria and thank you for your article on dear Fr Amorth- I am praying to him already-aND he of all priests would know the truth of Medjugorje. Been there 3 times -many blessings .

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