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  1. I write re: Fr. Sudac. I wonder why the bishop limits Fr. Sudac in Krk. I think there is a message here why the Lord blessed a diocesan priest with the stigmata. The world we live in is a dangerous place, physically and spiritually. I think it has to do with the break-up of the family, thru legal divorce and the given fact that couples don’t marry any more and more and more children are born out of wedlock, and subsequent irresponsibility resulting in more and more street kids fending for themselves. Fr. Sudac should be given a task, a worldwide crusade to instill back in our society the value of family, a world-wide family crusade, similar to the late fifties crusade of Fr. Peyton. Its not fair that Fr. Sudac is isolated in a small town, because he is not just for Croatians and those able to go there to hear him. He is the modern evangelist, to open the eyes of animists in India and Africa, to the millions of Chinese who has made financial success their God to the detriment of their parents, to the western world who has made capitalism their altar. Fr. Sudac should be allowed to raise funds thru speaking engagements in Europe and USA, and use these funds to be able to preach to the masses in India and China; thru the war-torn middle east and thru the developing countries. But most importantly, to go thru traditionally Catholic countries where too much secularism has made the majority – nominal catholics as against practising Catholics/Cristians.

    • Hi John, I recently heard from a Croatian Carmelite that there is a new bishop, a Capuchin who is much friendlier toward Fr. Sudac, and that Fr. Sudac has been allowed to conduct his retreats again. Praise God!

  2. Jesus, thank you for your love! What a beautiful love!!

    He loves us so much… 💙
    Thank you for reminding me that, brother Daniel!
    Hopefully, soon I will go to Međugorje!
    Please, keep me in your prayers!
    I will pray for you!
    God bless,
    your sister in almost every way😊

    P. S. I love this quote from saint Joan od Arc! She is one od my heros! I watched something about her on YT, but would you recommend me something?

    • Peace and blessings Marija! Amen to that, Jesus’ love is so beautiful and powerful: the source of all our desires and love. I hope you’ll be able to go to Medjugorje soon. In terms of something on Joan of Arc, some of the older films on her life are better than the newer ones. I saw the movie titled “Joan of Arc” starring Ingrid Bergman that I liked, made in 1948. God bless you sister!

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