St. Gemma Galgani

GemmaGalganiThis Web site and blog are dedicated to the patronage of St. Gemma, for whose intercession I pray for wisdom and guidance.

Gemma Galgani, a beautiful and deeply devout young woman, was a 20th century Italian mystic and saint who died at age 25 in 1903. She bore the wounds of Christ on her body, receiving the stigmata from the Lord, and experienced visions of Jesus, His Holy Mother, and her own guardian Angel. She is one of my favorite saints who has helped me in many ways with her intercession and selfless example, someone whose heart was set ablaze with the love of Christ.

GemmaTo learn more about this saint, please visit this extraordinary Web site dedicated to her. The site includes biographies, original photos, paintings, diary entries from the saint, novenas & prayer cards to her, even relics of St. Gemma that are available for a donation.

St. Gemma is the patron saint of many causes, including the patroness of students — she excelled in her studies — of pharmacists, of those who have lost their parents, those suffering with back pains and spinal injuries, those suffering from migraines and headaches, those struggling with temptations and those seeking purity of heart. Here are some reasons — connected to her own life — why she is the patroness of these noble causes.

Because of her intimate sharing with the Passion of the crucified Christ, she has been called the “Daughter of Passion.”

Beloved Gemma, pray for us!

— Daniel

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  1. I am a 73 year old woman on a fixed income but I would like to receive a picture or pray card of Gemma Daughter of Passion ,thankyou

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