The Art of a Catholic Stigmatic: Fr. Zlatko Sudac’s Paintings

It has struck me as fascinating how certain mystics have received incredible artistic gifts in addition to the mystical graces that God has granted them. Two contemporary examples of this are Fr. Zlatko Sudac, the Croatian stigmatic priest, and Akiane Kramarik, visionary, child prodigy, and artist. In this post I concentrate on Fr. Sudac.


Fr. Zlatko Sudac with his art.

Fr. Sudac received the stigmata wounds in May 1999, a year after being ordained a priest, when the first wound appeared on his forehead in the shape of a cross. One year later bleeding wounds appeared on his wrists, feet, and side. In addition to being known worldwide as a stigmatic priest and a charismatic preacher, what is less known is that Fr. Sudac is an artist and a sculptor who has created beautiful Christian art with striking detail.

Here are two works that Fr. Sudac has painted of Our Lady, to whom he has a strong devotion.


Title, “Marija,” 1996.


Title, “Trenutak istine,” translated as “A Moment of Truth,” 1996. 

And finally here is an interesting video that captures some of Fr. Sudac’s work as a sculptor creating sacred art.


An Inspirational Priest (and Stigmatic), Fr. Zlatko Sudac

zlatko_sudac2Below is a video of a powerful homily and also an inspirational teaching on prayer and contemplation by Fr. Zlatko Sudac. Fr. Zlatko is a Croatian priest who is known for his stigmata, the wounds of Christ on his body, most prominently (in Fr. Zlatko’s case) on his forehead, where there is a Cross.

I’m including here also a beautiful painting of Our Lady that Fr. Zlatko, who also possesses great artistic gifts, has painted. I discovered it this past Lent and was profoundly moved by its depth.MarypaintingbyFrSudac

As these videos convey, Fr. Zlatko is a man of a deep prayer life and spirituality, an inspired preacher and teacher of the faith with a great love for the Eucharist, Our Lady, and the Church. Please have a view and share about this inspirational priest!