Interview on Franciscan Spirituality & Lenten Devotions

Radio-MariaHere is a recent interview that I did for Radio Maria, discussing Franciscan spirituality and Lenten devotions. My interview comes after Professor Jem Sullivan, who has done tremendous work on Christian art and aesthetics. Please check out her book The Beauty of Faith: Using Christian Art to Spread Good News and her online course on sacred art.

My Interview at Radio Maria

Radio-MariaI recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Kathie Duggan for her show “Sacred Treasures” for Radio Maria U.S. Feeling called to be vulnerable in order to express how much the Lord has done in my life, and — through the work of His grace and mercy — hoping to inspire others who may have similar struggles in their lives, or that of their families, I felt inspired to open up about issues like addiction, family struggles, and the paths toward healing and a priestly vocation, which I am currently pursuing as a seminarian. Please click here to listen to the interview.