Powerful: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on God & Prayer

Here is a great video of Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson talking about God and prayer, being Greek Orthodox Christians, and raising their children with prayer and the Church.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are both members of the Greek Orthodox Church. Wilson has even written eloquently about the importance and beauty of Christian faith and ritual in her life. A few years ago she wrote a piece for the HuffingtonPost called “The Joys of Greek Easter,” in which Wilson shared:

“When we were kids, our parents would take us, and now as parents ourselves we take our children, to many of the Holy Week services including the Good Friday service where you mourn the death of Jesus by walking up to the Epitaphio, which represents the dead body of Christ, make your cross, kiss the Epitaphio, and marvel at how it was decorated with thousands of glorious flowers, rose petals and scents like incense.

Some very pious people will crawl under the Epitaphio. I have always been so moved to see this. There is no self- consciousness in this utter act of faith. There is no embarrassment to show symbolic sorrow at the death of our Saviour.”