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6 thoughts on “Write to Br. Daniel

  1. Hello Daniel – I was reading the article of Our Lady on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Lady_of_Medjugorje and came across your name. It says you wrote a paper connecting the works of Maria Valtorta to the apparitions. I have been on the long journey following Jesus through Maria’s writings both her notebooks as well as the Poem/Gospel – Wow, wow, wow is all I can say as I get closer to Jesus’ crucifiction. Anyway, hoping you wouldn’t mind sharing your findings.

  2. Daniel ,
    you are an inspiration to all. What a wonderful message you gave at the Medjugorje
    conference this past weekend . Marsha and I are both Polish and I know exactly what
    you mean and went through.
    I hope our wonderful son Marc who is our best friend to comes back to Mary and Jesus.
    He lives in Denver works as a Cisco Network guy( has his mom’s brain not mine) for a
    bank of Catholic hospitals . Funny thing guess who is the first to defend the Nuns or Priests
    that he works for ? yep Marc.

    Christina said you guys are going to be out there in October ! Can you let me know where ?

    Daniel have you ever been out to the Shrine of Christ’s Passion in St John In. ?
    http://www.shrineofchristspassion.org/ life size bronze Stations of the Cross in the natural setting
    Christina needs to do a film on this !!! Also she could do Shrines in American

    Also check out our Church up on the hill http://www.stjohnparish.org/

    Call me or email me when you both come out . I will make sure you get into the Church.

    Your Friend , Dave Bigos God is Good

  3. Hello Br. Daniel from ‘frosty’ Galway, Ireland. Tonight I discovered your site/blog, via a link from ‘Apparition Hill’ film. I am a follower of the Medjugorje messages and ongoing apparitions. Now I wonder if you have written anything concerning the Holy Love, Ohio, where Our Lady said it is ‘The Lourdes of the Americas’? Wayne Weible has investigated this place also and has recently published a book announcing his belief in all that happens there. I would love to have your opinion on it, please and thank you.

    God bless you and your great work, always,

    and Thank you for your response.


  4. Dear Brother Daniel, have you had the Baptism by Fire from the Holy Spirit that Fr. Michael Scanlan speaks about in his book? Can you tell me if there are any Franciscans doing this in the Peoria, IL area? Thank you and God bless.

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